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Online Jyutping Input Method is a free online Chinese typing tool using Jyutping romanization codes. We empower you to type Chinese online anytime, anywhere with any computer for free!

Compatible with
Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, iPad
Basic Controls
  • Enter Jyutping code within the white main input area.
  • Choose the character/word among the list by the corresponding number.
  • If more choices are available, use Spacebar or PgUp/PgDn or +/- buttons to navigate between pages.
  • Other than Cantonese code, simple English words can be used to input as well (eg. "skincare" for "護膚品")

Quick Tips
  • There are three ways to type


  • 有機護膚品

    can be typed by Jyutping code jau gei wu fu ban
  • 有機

    is in word database, you only need to enter to find the character
  • 護膚品

    is the same, you only need to enter to get 膚品
  • You can even input complete words, enter


    to type


  • Moreover, you can use

    organic skincare

    to type


  • Use


    to get


    ; use


    to get


  • Don't forget to use the search function to find information on

    organic skincare



Questions & Suggestions
New Function!You can now input complete Chinese words:
e.g. using"gwaizit"to type"季節"

Type Eng (Ctrl) 
Word input
Eng word input
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Online Jyutping Input Method uses Cantonese romanisation to input Chinese characters. However, Cantonese romanisation has not been standardized and there are several romanisation systems. This input method uses The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong's system. Most characters are denoted by initial and final, and many characters have several romanisations for the sake of convenience. Tone mark is not needed for this input method.

There are 19 initials:
b 巴, p 怕, m 媽, f 花, d 打, t 他, n 那, l 啦, g 家, k 卡, ng 牙, h 蝦, gw 瓜, kw 誇, w 蛙, z 渣, c 叉, s 沙, j

and 56 finals:
aa 把,ai 閉,aai 擺,au 售,aau 稍,am 心,aam 三,an 新,aan 山,ang 萌,aang 猛,ap 粒,aap 立,at 甩,aat 辣,ak 北,aak 白,e 捨,ei 死,eu 掉,em 舐,eng 腥,ep 夾,ek 錫,i 思,iu 小,im 閃,in 先,ing 升,ip 攝,it 洩,ik 式,o 可,oi 改,ou 好,on 看,ong 康,ot 割,ok 各,oe 靴,oeng 雙,oek 腳,eoi 需,eon 詢,eot 摔,u 摔,ui 灰,un 歡,ung 風,ut 闊,uk 福,yu 福,yun 孫,yut 雪,m 唔,ng

Many people mixed up intial n and l, character 你 is nei instead of lei。Also pay attention to the ng initial,character 我 is ngo,牛 is ngau,牙 is ngaa etc. Last but not least, don't mix up a and aa,米 is mai,賣 is maai. 毀 is wai,壞 is waai,十 is sap,圾 is saap. Sounds easy right?

This input method has Chinese characters, Chinese words and English words.

For those characters or words we have left out, please use the Add function to suggest, we will update periodically.

For basic instructions, please take a look at the Use section.

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